My background is in staff photography on national newspapers, eventually becoming senior photographer on the Daily Express in London. As the millennium approached I thought long and hard about the future of national papers, it was a digital age and changes were happening throughout the industry with astonishing speed, and therefore decided to leave the comfort zone of a staff job and to set myself up in my own business specialising in documenting the British royal family in the post Diana era. Part of my brief at the Express was covering the late Princess Diana on her official overseas trips so had contacts in place to enable me to do this.

For more than a decade I have been gathering together an extensive contemporary image library of the British royals at work and play, both in the UK and around the world, this has now come together as Sovereign Syndication. I have shot the vast majority of the work myself but I am also part of the British royal rota system of pooled photography for when access has to be limited. In the royal gallery of this website I will update regularly fresh royal imagery so do return to view them. My other gallery has photographs from other projects, commissioned work plus some pictures I like.

It's all about the image.

Michael Dunlea

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